A liver and white spaniel being given a natural dog treat
New this Week in our Natural Dog Treat Range Haired Rabbit Ears for Dogs

Nothing But The Best

Whether it is a weekly treat or month subscription your little poochy pals are sure to enjoy a wide range of Natural Dog Treats.

Why Natural Dog Treats?

Looking at the back of normal boring store bought treats can be quite overwhleming, espically when you do not know what is in them; Cereals (of which wholegrain 19%), Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives….


With natural treats and PayTheDog, you get what you see. All our labelling gives you full transparency. You will know exactly what is in our Natural Treats and Dry Dog Food. 

Buy with Confidence and Keep your Dog Happy & Healthy!

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Keep It Natural with Something Tasty!