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Marc Tomas Dog Training Wakefield, West Yorkshire - PayTheDog

Located in the heart of West Yorkshire, PayTheDog offers dog training in Wakefield. Whether it is one on one training, group classes or workshops.

We believe that every dog learns in its own way and at its own pace much like humans but our methods are always Positive teaching through a variety of games guaranteed to help owners build an amazing bond with their dogs based of an understanding our mutual respect.

The methods we use are scientifically proven through years of academic research into how dogs learn, gone are the days of aversion, do as i say because i said so or else training. Like everything else in life the dog training world continues to evolve and we make it our priority to keep up to date with the latest findings to make sure we are giving you the best up to date advice as possible.

As our name suggests when it comes to dogs we are firm believers that a dog should always been paid for a job well done, whether that is a high value treat, an engaging game of tug, their favourite ball or a simple pat on the head after all would you work for free?

So come join us, learn how to get the very best out of your dog in a fun, positive way without running the risk of your dog fearing you.


We also have our own wide range of natural dog treats, training treats and dog food. Head on over to the shop to find out more!

You will also find a range of toys to help engage your dog more into the wonderful world of training!

Consider our Shop a One Stop Shop for All Things Dog!


Dog Training Wakefield, West Yorkshire - PayTheDog