Our Mission as Dog Trainers

“Through the use of positive and evidence based dog training methods we can change owners outlook of undesirable behaviour and show owners what their dogs can really be capable of. Motivate owners into building long lasting relationships with their dogs and continue to spread updated training methods to prevent more dogs ending up in rescue.”

Ready to dive into the world of Dog Training?

We have all been there, even our Highly Qualified and Trained Dog Trainers, the sleepless nights, the moments of regret and the sighs of toilet training accidents to the ” I cannot leave my house for more than 5 minutes without the dog screaming the house down”. My old neighbours must have hated me at the time – Marc.

However much like the Dog Training Industry we move, we adpatable and we Improve.

Our jump into the Dog World actually started off as a local Dog Walking and General Pet Care Service locally known as Wakefield Pet Care in late 2011. Despite not actively advertising as a dog training services, the years working within a stray dog kennels Marc up a personal but reputable relationship with various dog rescues around the country and was often called upon for behavioural assessments for incoming dogs as well as homechecks and transport runs whilst also being on hand to offer advice to new owners who needed help adjusting their new dogs to a new life.

PayTheDog Dog Training and Natural Dog Treats
Dog Trainer Puppy Trainer Rescue Dog Trainer Wakefield

From Dog Walker to Dog Trainer

PayTheDog started in 2016 after running alongside Wakefield Pet Care for a year the two businesses were eventually merged.

Named from the ethos of You Would Not Go To Work For Free so why Expect Your Dog To, PayTheDog using Positive Evidence based training methods using Verbal and Physical Praise, Toys and Treats to help achieved results and continued desired behaviours from dogs. Training this way helps promote a great bond between owners and dogs. 

Showing owners how to achieve maximum results and having fun along the way creates a awesome relationship based on mutual respect. That is not to say we rely on treats all the time to achieve these results because that is not what Positive Dog Training is about. Each dog holds different styles of praise to different values. 

Marcs current Border Collie would happily take a game of tug all day as a reward rather than treats where as the little ginger Cross Breed would sooner take her fill of high value treats as a reward and have fun with toys are her own leisure.

By finding out what your dog enjoys the most your dog training experience will open worlds of wonder and enjoyment.


So whether it is Puppy Training, Rescue Dog Training, more specialised training or just a general all round experience our Dog Training Specialist are more than happy to help!

Meet Our Team of Dog Trainers

Marc Dog Trainer Wakefield


Marc has over 15 years experience with dog training both personally and professionally.

Having been around dogs and owning dogs within the family for years it was only natural to progress into Dog Training.

Despite owning and running PayTheDog, Marc oversees a lot of the dogs training and behavioural work from owners who come to us for training.

Random Fact – Marc is also a keen baker when he finds the time.

Natural Dog Treats!

Through out the years of Dog training we have used a vast amount of dog treats from homemade to shop bought but nothing compares to Natural (ok i suppose homemade you know what is going in but who really has the time?)

Natural treats contain more nutrition and less fattening ingredients, our dogs have tried many different natural dog treats over the years so much so we decided to start selling them ourselves. Head on over to our shop to see what we have in stock!