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What Style of Dog Training do we use?

PayTheDog takes pride in the fact that our methods follow our own code of ethics Positive Dog Training allows owners and dogs to build strong relationships. By using positive reinforcement to combat training issues we can always ensure that we do not use any form of physical, emotional or mental punishing nor do we use intimidation to illicit a sense of fear in any of our dogs.

We continue to learn every day, this by its own admission does not make us experts in our field of work however it does prove that we continue to evolve with the dog training world and continue to move further away taking many owners with us away from the debunked theory of dominance in dog training which as been misunderstood for many years.

Our trainers to up their game when it comes to the importance of dogs sense of smell, the range of vocal tones that dogs use, the way in which dogs think and how we can use their thought process to get the behaviours we want, to understand their body language continuing to understand when it might be time to back off and let them calm down in safety and understanding why play holds a high level of importance in dog training.

Through our guidance we are able to teach all our clients the very same fundamentals of dog training helping them become amazing teachers, care givers, resource providers and build an equally awesome bond with their dogs like they have never experienced before. Owning a dog and understanding that dog are worlds apart from each other and we are always here to help our owners past, present and future to further their relationships with their dogs in the more ethical and positive way. 

Local Areas in Wakefield Covered For Dog Training

Pontefract, Castleford, Knottingley, Featherstone, Normanton, Horbury, Ossett, Wrenthorpe, Stanley,  Altofts, Normanton, Castleford, Pontefract, Knottingley, Featherstone, Hemsworth, South Kirkby, South Elmsall, Middlestown, Crigglestone, Crofton, Woolley and Ackworth. 

We do offer our services around West Yorkshire also, however this may come at a extra mileage charge so please feel free to contact us

One To One Dog Training
Group Class Dog Training
Dog Training Workshops

One To One Dog Training

Our one to one training sessions offer a great alternative to class style training, it is especially useful for owners who want to focus of specific behaviours or can not commit to a class for a set number of weeks.

Each session is specifically tailored to you and your dog, during the session with one of our trainers they will get to know what issues you have been having then get straight to work to find out what will and what might not work for you and your dog. This is because dog training is not a one size fits all, we careful watch your dogs body language, their willingness to train and what they are more willing to work for be that food, toys or silly games to help keep them motivated and give owners the confidence to handle and train their own dogs using positive dog training methods.

After your first session, you will receive a training guide usually by email int he form of a PDF file which is widely accepted on laptops, tablets and mobile phones ensuring you always have a copy on hand to come back to. Not only will the training guide have the behaviours you want to work on but it will also contain other tips, tricks and things you can do in your own time to help cement the bond with your dog.

Dog Training Classes

Classes are open to all ages, breeds and sizes of dogs along with their owners whether you are a first time dog owner or a old hand looking to update your skills. Classes can be a great way to introduce you dog to new sights, sounds and scents using positive dog training methods that will have your dog focused and listening through choice and not fear.

Classes give you the opportunity to train your dog in a low distraction environment around other dogs all learning the same thing, we do not expect people to come to our classes and learn in a traditional setting where the trainer leading the class just stands there telling you what to do, our trainers love to get involved, use your dogs as demo dogs to show you what both you and them are capable off.

Our classes contain various games to keep training fun and exciting, so if you are feeling a bit anxious or not confident about attending a class with your dog. Do not, everyone is there for the same reason, to learn in a fun, relax environment.

Workshops and One Day Events

If you can not commit to a class, want to work on one specific behaviour but still want to work your dog around other dogs to help reduce their over friendly or excited greetings or simply just want to have fun with your dog then our workshops are a great choice.

From time to time we will have workshops on issues like recall training, loose lead walking that are set out like a class with out people attending in local parks around Wakefield with enough room for us to train but still in a distracting environment so that you dog learns whatever the situation they are in they have to listen. We do this through a series of fun games, positive dog training methods are key to keep your dog focused and listening.

We also have set days for reactive dogs that are not suitable for a indoor class environment, if you think you might have a reactive dog then please do contact us before booking anything so we can discuss the best route for you. This could mean that you need a one to one before attending a class to ensure everyone is kept safe, this one to one gives the trainer a chance to get to know your dog and discuss ways to manage the behaviour whilst in a group setting, 

There are also times when we might team up with other trainers too to bring you double the wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. The other trainer we work alongside also use positive dog training methods. Yes, every trainer is different and there is more than one style of dog training but the great thing about humans is we get the choice of our social groups and you can be sure that everyone here at PayTheDog practices what they preach and would not entertain the idea of teaming up with other trainers that do not share our ethics, ethos and passion for animal welfare. 

Along with teaming up with other trainers, we also like to keep in touch with other members of our pet industry again if they are not sharing our vision then they are not getting in. Everyone from dog groomers, canine first aiders, rescue centers  and more there are always ways we can bring a fun learning environment to life and show you have to handle your dog in any and every situation.