Dog Walking, Wakefield


The Benefits of choosing us for Dog Walking.

  • We only have 10 clients on our dog walking client list at a time, this allows us to offer a much more personalised service.
  • A generous discount on full week walks.
  • Discount on our online store for as long as you are with us.
  • Free delivery on products bought from our online store.
  • Each of our Adventure Buddies is highly qualified.
  • PayTheDog is run by a Canine Behaviour Specialist with a Degree in Canine Behaviour Training
  • Fully insured and trained in Canine First Aid.

Really good service! Marc comes and sees to my puppy and has done since he was 8 week old! Even taught him some commands in the first week of meeting him!

Bethany McIntyre (Facebook)

Offering a local Dog Walking Service to Wakefield, West Yorkshire is where it all began for us.

We started off as Wakefield Pet Care back in 2011, quickly becoming one of the the towns favourite and most called upon dog walkers.

When we decided to close Wakefield Pet Care and make the move to PayTheDog a good majority of our previous clients happily followed us and are still with us now.

PayTheDog completely understands the feeling of worry and anxiousness owners can feel when it comes to leaving their dogs home alone whilst you go to work.

Dog walking can be an awesome way to break your dogs day up and our dog walking service is more than just a walk around the block, we tailor each walk to suit your dog if they are on a one to one walk we add training into their walk this means not only are they being physically stimulated but mentally too.

If your dog is happy to be around other dogs our groups are specially hand picked and never over over 4 dogs per handler. By hand picking what dogs go with which group we guarantee a sense of harmony within that walk. providing a structured group walk where dogs are not just allowed to run riot, over playing with each other and not listening to their adventure buddy our group walks also contain training games to help improve focus, recall and loose lead walking.

Just as we provide in our Dog Training services, all the methods we use as positive, engaging and fun for the dogs.

PayTheDog Dog Walking Service Wakefield

Price List For our Dog Walking Service

Initial Consult – Free!

Solo Dog Walks 1 Hour – £19

Solo Walks 45 minutes – £15

Group 1 Hour Walks – £15

Puppy Visits 45 minutes – £15

*Additional Dogs from the same household £5