Adolescent Dog Training Class


Held at Nostell Village Hall in Wakefield

Suitable for dogs aged 8 Months+

Not suitable for Reactive Dogs (Contact Us for more help)

Get an extra 2 weeks Adolescent Dog Training in class by Supercharging.


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Adolescent Dog Training

When our dogs hit this stage of development it can be a real testing time for us but we must understand that just like humans at this time they are full of hormones, this is the phase between sexual maturity and social maturity and much like humans our dogs become TEENAGE TEARAWAYS!

So if you have been sat wondering, questioning and searching for answers with these very common questions about Adolescent Dog Training;

Then search no more, our Adolescent Dog Training Class have been developed to help you retrain your young dogs back into the perfect pooches, getting them back on track with focus, obedience, recall and more.

What you and your dog will be learning in this class.
  • How dogs learn including correct use of commands, markers and building a Positive Relationship with your dog.
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Gaining Focus & Impulse Control
  • Creating Engagement
  • Back to basics with commands ( a bit of Retraining)
  • Recall
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • and so much more.

How will that be achieved?

The Adolescent Dog Training Class is a 6 week course packed with everything you will need, with the opportunity to supercharge your training with an extra two weeks training with additional behaviour which prove useful for everyday life at home.


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