LifeSkills Wednesdays & Saturdays


LifeSkills Dog Training is a great starting base if you are new to training dogs or perhaps an old hand with a new dog.

£5 from your payment goes towards our rescue funds which is then donated to local dog rescues to help them continue to look after dogs needing new homes.


  • Access to our google drive account for this class, giving you access to all the course content for life.
  • Email, phone and other online support.
  • Access to our Facebook group for training .
  • Exclusive class discount on all our products and treats that are available during class.
  • Free delivery on products bought online when collecting from class.

LifeSkills Classes

This class is open for dogs of all ages and breeds however it may not be suitable for reactive dogs so please contact us first before you book by reactive we mean dogs that are showing signs of aggression towards other dogs and humans. It may be that you might need a one to one before attending a class in the future.

What is LifeSkills

This class is all about getting the basics of good obedience in a positive way, teaching your dog good manners. This class is a great starting point if you have a new puppy and want to set them up for success, a new rescue and you want to teach them what their previous owners should of or even if you have a dog who is listening inside the house but is easily distracted when out.

Classes are a great low level distraction to get your dog listening and focused on you whilst being in a controlled environment where everyone is doing the same thing.

But they are also a great way of introducing yourself to how dogs learn with current methods that have been backed by scientific studies. The world of dog training is ever evolving so making sure you attend a class with a trainer who is keeping up with relevant and up to date methods.

What is covered

When it comes to dogs we aim to teach them 10 lessons in life.

  • To have Confidence
  • To enjoy Surprises
  • To enjoy being Handled/Touched
  • To remain Calm
  • To make Good Choices
  • To Listen
  • To have Good Manners
  • To have Self Control
  •  To know to rules
  • and most importantly To Be A Dog – PayTheDog likes to keep character in any dogs they are involved in training because it is that very character we are owners fall in love with.

What Behaviours do we teach in LifeSkills

  • The basic commands such as sit and down
  • The difference between Wait & Stay
  • Touch
  • Focus
  • Recall
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • and more……..

Where and When is LifeSkills

We use Nostell Village Hall, in Wakefield just a short drive from Nostell Priory for all our classes.

Likeskills is usually on a Wednesday 6pm – 7pm and Saturday 1pm-2pm.


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