Saturday Social Dog Training


Saturday Socials are a great way to get some real life dog training sessions in locations such as local parks around Wakefield, West Yorkshire (for now).

Your first session is bookable online after that you can pay on the day and continue to come as much as you want to.

Saturday Social Dog Training

What are Saturday Socials?

These classes or workshops are set to working on specifics behaviours such as Loose Lead Walking and Keeping Focus whilst out in the Real World.

Once you have booked via the website, we will email you to confirm when the next walk is and where. We will have an exclusive group on an app similar to WhatsApp that doesn’t require mobile numbers inline with keeping everyone’s data safe.

How Long Are The Sessions?

Saturday Socials are One Hour long and take place in local areas so make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

How Much Are The Sessions?

You book your first time on our website, after that any session to want to attend will be payable on the day at £10 per dog & handler.

How Will The Sessions Run?

Upon arrival at the location we will get the dogs focused before moving out on our walk, during the walk we will continue to reward for the behaviours we want that being a nice focus from distractions, appropriate greetings and a nice loose lead whilst on an active walk. During the session we will run through different walking paces, settings, along with cross overs and various different positions whilst in group walks.

What dogs are suitable?

At the moment we do not advise people bring aggression reactive dogs on walks just to keep everyone safe, however if you have concerns please feel free to contact us. We do recommend that dogs know basic obedience and are either toy or food focused again though please do contact us with any questions.

What will i need to bring?

We always advise walking on a normal flat collar or a suitable harness. No Flexi Leads, check chains or anything that can restrict dogs movement or tightens if a dog pulls. These sessions are designed to help combat loose lead training issues with a positive outlook.

High Value Treats – You can purchase treats on our website and have them brought to the sessions to avoid delivery cost, we will also have a small selection of treats available on the day.

A Toy – Tug toys are a fantastic reward to keep dogs focused please avoid bringing squeaky toys are these can be over stimulating and distracting for other dogs.


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