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Rabbit Ears With Hair


100% Rabbit

Analytical Constituent

  • Crude Protein 72.0%
  • Crude Fat 1.00%
  • Moisture 7.00%
  • Ash 3.3%
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Rabbit Ears With Hair

Incredibly popular these natural chews make a great addition to deworming programs ( we do not advise using rabbit ears with hair or without solely for deworming.)

These ears make brilliant chew alternative to pigs and cows ears, especially for the smaller dogs. With the addition of the fur making a good source of fibre, and acts as a natural wormer! The ultimate, healthy, low fat chews that dogs of all sizes love to gnaw on.

Rabbit Ears with Hair have a number of benefits and these are just a few

Rabbit Ears with Hair 1


Hairy Rabbit Ears are suitable for


Age suitability:

12 Weeks +

Size Suitability:

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant

Free from:

Grain, Gluten, Additives, Flavourings

Our Treats

We proudly only natural, air-dried, wholesome dog treats. Nothing artificial ingredients and not a raw hide insight. Unless otherwise specified our natural treats and chews are grain and gluten free, hypoallergenic, highly digestible, suitable for dogs of all age ranges

The treats and chews we sell (Unless specified) contain one single ingredient: 100% Meat of the animal they originate from just as nature intended. Our products are high protein, healthy treats at the highest quality available because if we would not feed our own dogs them we certainly would not be making them available to dogs nationwide! Whether your dog is raw fed, dry food, tinned, cold-pressed or on a home cooked and balanced food these tasty chews and treats would be a great addition to any dogs diet.

We constantly keep our eyes on upcoming new sources with a range of different meats from commonly found treats such as Beef and Chicken, to more Game type meats such as Pheasant and Quail to even the most exotic of meats! Whether your dog has allergies, sensitivities or on a special diet we are sure to have something for everyone so feel free to message us directly through email or social media pages.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have on our products.


Head over to our Treat Page to find more of what is available.

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