Back to School for Dogs

Dog Training Classes, One to One Training and Online.

We maybe local to Wakefield, West Yorkshire but with our online courses Dog Training is now at your finger tips!

Our Approach To Dog Training

Here at PayTheDog we train dogs using positive science and evidence based methods. Inspiring owners to create bonds with their dogs based on mutual respect. 

We use rewards in dog training excerises such as praise, toys and treats.

Keeping our dogs engaged is the first step to sucess when it comes to training.

Play + Fun = Sucess!

Dog Training Classes

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Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

We have been providing our Dog Training services in Wakefield, West Yorkshire since we opened and it is where we are able to offer a variety of training services from classes, courses and one to ones.

Our classes are mostly held at Nostell Village Hall, perfectly placed for us to be able to start training in a secure and controlled environment before taking a short walk to Nostell Priory to put everything into practice with some real world training.

Online Training

Not local to Wakefield? Not sure if your dog will cope in a class enviroment or have a busy work schedule?

Some of our classes are now available online using GoogleMeets. This does not require any downloads or sign ups, we will simply send you a link to partake in the class.

You can also book one to ones using our online service too.

All from the comfort of your own home!

Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions.

If I train with food will I always have to use food?

No not if you do not want to, yes here we are all about Paying The Dog for a job well done but that does not always mean they get a treat for every little thing they do. Yes, in most cases we start training excercises with food espically if it is a new behaviour being taught however food and treats are simply another tool we can use to extend the time between the behaviour and reward. There is also nothing stopping you from transfering your dog from one type of reward to another such as moving from Treats to Toys but…. we would always recommend having a few treats at hand.


How do I prepare for my dog’s training sessions?

Treat it like any other day and be confident! We have been there ourselves, yep you read that right even the highest experienced dog trainers at some point have taken their dogs to other dog trainers classes mainly to help with exposure and socialisation but it also gives us a chance to work one on one with our own dogs without being “too busy” and putting it off.

Just remember that everyone in the class you are in is there for the same reason, have fun!

At PayTheDog we will always let you know in advance of your first session what to expect and what you will need and how to deal with any situations that might pop up.


Will I have homework?

In a perfect world you would attend a session and all your dog training would be complete but where is the fun in that? “Unfortunately” yes you will have excercises and tasks to practice at home with your dogs. Dog Training is a life long comittment and as the saying goes “Use it or Lose It”.


If my dog doesn’t learn, does it mean they are stupid?

Absolutely…… not, there are many different factors that play a part in dog training. Your approach, your dogs level of previous training and experience with it and what makes your dogs brain tick! No dog is ever untrainable and what you see as not listening could be down to confusion, over stimulated or simply not engaging enough. 

Lets put it this way.

Your dog already knows these skills

Sit, Lay Down, Stand, Walking, Waiting and how to control themselves (whether thats in small amounts or more) all of these are a part of their daily lifes. It is up to us to decide what we want to put on command and what desired behaviours we want to increase.

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